The Loving Hands Ministry was started in 2004 by PASTOR V.DANIEL JASLIN Madurai in Tamilnadu, with sole aim of propagating the gospel among villages around madurai, Sivagangai, Virudhunagar, Theni & Nilgris now the ministry has been extended to about 420 villages around 10 districts. We conduct fasting and prayer meeting every Tuesday in our office and pray for these people frequently .we have constructed Two churches. One in salatchipuram and another one in papankulam where services are conducted every Sunday by our ministers. About 50 villagers attend these services and get benefitted. We have 18 fulltime Evangelists in our Ministry.

image Mrs. Helen John - Hon. President image Caroline
Editor of Anbin Karangal Magazine
image Pr.V. Daniel Jaslin
Founder and General Secretary

We have 41 cents vacant land in papankulam near the church in Peniel Nagar.we have proposed to start a big project there. We are publishing a monthly magazine called “Anbin Karangal” that contains bible quiz and particulars about the ministry conducted in 420 villages. There is also a message by PASTOR V.DANIEL JASLIN which is very use full to the readers.